Use data as easily as spreadsheets
Automation can process the tasks below:
  • Collect all the data you need in one place,
  • Format the imported data, transform data types, and apply filters
  • Add quick actions on a layer to send imported data to different databases, emails, Google Sheets, and more
  • Set triggers to automate the whole process
We recommend that you connect the connectors before you start building awesome stuff.

Create a new automation

Just click + button on app menu. A new browser window pops up to make automation. Appbox is a simple folder to sort out apps you build.

Connect data sources

Bring data you want to use. Choose a connector and save.
Upcoming data sources:
  • Firebase Realtime Database
  • Airtable
  • Excel
  • Redshift
  • Naver Open API
  • Octoparse
  • Typeform
We are trying our best to add the connectors above as soon as we can. You can use them already on Dataflows.
You may need to type in some queries for certain data sources.

Filter, Transform, and condition (Layer)

This is a cool feature. You can manipulate data on spreadsheet-style layer. You can prepare data for your customized automation or just report.
  • Data filtering: Date, number, Text
  • Data formatting: Currency, Date, Percentage
  • Data Transforming(soon)
  • Copy/delete layers
You can add multiple filters and formattings with a click. Don't forget to hit the save button on the right!
What you see, what you automate. The data you see on the layer to be loaded to quick actions as it is.
Safe. The raw data in your data sources wont be updated or affected at all.

Add quick actions

You can add quick actions by clicking
icon on the right. Select a connector to send data and set details. Make sure to save it.
insert {{$.3}} to use email column!

How to refer to a column

To use data on the layer, simply insert {{$.colmun number}} into any input fields like 'to', 'title' and 'html'.
{{$.column number}}
//to refer each value on the 4th column >>> {{$.3}}
Column number starts from 0, to 1,2,3,4.....

Run (manual)

Once quick actions set, select all or part of records(rows) you want to send and just click the run button. Outcode will run your data record by record automatically.
Run quick actons !