Where is my data stored?

All of your data is stored in your system. Outcode accesses the connectors and processes the data on your behalf.
Outcode is executed based on the Automation and Databoard information designed by you directly on the web browser, and no other information is accessed or stored by Outcode.

What sort of data security measures do you take at Outcode?

  • All connections are encrypted and communicated through SSL/HTTPS.
  • Access is granted only for registered users at your team.
  • All platform servers are securely built in a private network. External access is blocked unless authorized in advance.
  • All sensitive information is encrypted and processed safely through the latest Key Management Service (KMS) solution.
  • We provide all our customers with access control of data sources.
  • Access is controlled at every stage of the building and deployment of the Dataflow or Databoard, and unauthorized actions are automatically prevented.
  • The designated Security Manager at Outcode manages the process according to strict security procedures
  • Monthly security checks and tests are carried out by certified external security specialists. Due to security reasons, reports are provided by request for Dedicated Zone users.

What kind of data do you store?

Outcode does not store customer data. We only save the meta information of the Dataflow or Databoard built by the user. The following information is saved on Outcode:
  • Meta information to run Automation and Databoard
  • User information
  • Run history and log