Filter streaming data

Apply filters on data
You can filter live data on Outcode layer as you want. Filters apply based on the data type and format. There are many filters you can apply:
  • Text, Link: contain, does not contain
  • Number, Percent, Currency: bigger than, less than, equal, contain, does not contain
  • Date(time): contain, does not contain, today, before, after
You can select AND or OR when you want to apply multiple filters.
If you want to group multiple filters and apply them at once, click on + Group Filter.

How to apply filters

Click + Filter on the top of a layer. Choose which column and set conditions.
WYSWYG: Only the result data to be loaded to quick action
Tip: If you set a conditon of DATE filter as today() and, the interval as 1 day, then newly created data will be automated.

How to use DATETIME filter

  • Contains: contains certain date (number)
  • Does not contain: does not contains certain date (number)
  • Today: automatically filters today's date
  • Today Plus: X days after today
  • Today Minus: X days before today
  • From today to minus: from today to X days before (includes today)
  • From today to plus: from today to X days after (includes today)
  • Before: before the specific date
  • After: after the specific date
Mandatory: date
Optional: time