Transform streaming data

Transform data type & format easily
You can transform a type and format of live data on Outcode layer with a click. For example,
  • Text to Number type
  • Text to Date(time) type
  • Number to Currency format
  • Number to Text type
There are many other ways to transform data. Transformation will be applied to only to each column. Transformed data is displayed on the layer in real time.
Transformation of data on a layer working as proxy. This doesn't impact the raw data connected from your data source.

How to transform data

It is easy to transform data. Set a transformation on each column. Click a data type icon on a column.
Select a Data type on the left as a destination. For example, all email address in a TEXT column is transformed to LINK, if LINK is selected.
What you see is what you automate. The transformed data will be loaded to quick action.


Select TEXT to transform data type as text.


Select NUMBER to transform data type as number. It doesn't work if data is not changeable. (*then choose the data type before you try)


Display data in Bar chart format. Set min and max values.
A negative value(-) is not allowed.


A useful transformation. Any data formats in Google Sheets or Excel are TEXT.
  • Change Timezone and format of DATETIME.
Set simple two steps to use DATETIME transformation;
  1. 1.
    FROM(raw data before transformed)
  2. 2.
    TO (transformed data as destination)

Set From

First select timezone and format of raw data as displayed on OUTCODE layer. Usually choose the same time zone in FROM and TO.
Second, Select a correct format of data as displayed on a layer. For example, DATETIME in MySQL might look like the below;
T(simple separator)
Z(time zone UTC-0)
a (am-pm of the day)
//It is just a sample. The format depends on your data sources and configurations.
You can choose the correct format. If you can't find the right one, select Customize and type in the format of raw data.


Set DATETIME and Format as a destination.


Transform number to currency type
Transform text to URL type