Referencing data

Autocomplete feature for result data

If you enter {{, you can check the result data of previous tasks.
Please click on Test in the Assistant section to use the autocomplete feature.

Referencing result data on databases

We do not support autocomplete feature for MySQL, SQL Server, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB. Please type as shown below to use the result data in databases.
i.e. {{a.user_email}}

Please keep this in mind when using the result data

  • Data type: pay attention to the data type of the data you wish to use. To use data in string or date form in Query or Script, make sure to enter 'value' (single quotes).
Data type = number
i.e. SELECT * FROM user WHERE active = {{a.active}}
Data type = string/date
i.e. SELECT * FROM user WHERE location = '{{a.location}}'