Step-by-step guide for the first timer

Let's start off
Getting ready to make an automation for the first time? Log in Outcode and select DEMO team.

Switch to DEMO Team

You will join the DEMO team automatically. In the DEMO team, sample databases, Google Sheets, Gmail, Slack, Teams are connected. Click the connector menu and check which connectors you can use.
In order to leave the DEMO team, the Outcode team (@leaoutcode, @chrisoutcode in Discord) will help you.

Make a new automation

Hit + on Apps menu. The first thing to do is bring data to play;
  1. 1.
    Select MySQL > Sandbox-MySQL
  2. 2.
    Write the query below
select * from users

Transform TEXT to DATETIME

You will find the data type of created_at is TEXT. Click an icon on created_at column first.
DATA type icon
Select DATETIME on the transformation menu. Set From Format first and then To Format.
  • From (before transformation)
  • To(After transformation)
Don't forget to save your work.

Add a filter

You can add a filter on the column you just transformed.
Once the filter is added, the result data is shown on the layer.

Add a quick action

on the right pane to add quick actions. Hit + button and set as below;
You can insert {{$.3}} to send an email record-by-record. (All data is dummy and not actual.)
A sample HTML code
Hi {{$.3}},
Hope you enjoy Outcode

How to set data with quick action

{{$.0}} //the first column from the left
{{$.1}} //the next column from the left
{{$.N}} //the n+1 column from the left


Select records and run your automation!
Now check your inbox.
DEMO team is the sandbox. Connect and automate whatever you like!