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Welcome to Outcode!

With Outcode, you can easily handle and process data tasks. Collect, process, and integrate without code. Collaborate with your team members to easily make automation with any data.
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How Outcode works

Using Outcode is straightforward.
  • Access any data: import data from databases, Google Sheets, Excel, collaboration tools, email, and messaging tools just with a few clicks.
  • Process the data: process the imported data as you would with a spreadsheet.
  • Link to your preferred solution: send the processed data to any solution of your choice.
  • Set up trigger: manual or schedule trigger allows full automation. (HTTP Request trigger to be added soon - stay tuned!)
Please refer to this page to check all the data sources you can connect to.

Automation types

Outcode offers 2 types of automation, which you can choose once you create automation.
  1. 1.
    Automation: This is basic automation. You can handle most of your data tasks here.
  2. 2.
    Dataflow: You can use Dataflow for more complex workflows or custom tasks like Javascript.


This new version focused on simple usability for the users. Users can change the condition and status of data easily on the layer, and automate data on the layer to any tools or systems via quick actions.
The left table is 'layer' and the right is quick action'\
Most features on Dataflow will be available on Automation soon, please let us know HERE if you need any more features!


Dataflow is designed for advanced data processing. For example, the response from API can be parsed with your custom code. Dataflow consists of triggers and tasks including a Javascript task.
Please refer to this guide for more details.
(Parsing data from an HTTP request)